About Us

EMERAM Capital Partners is a leading equity investment company for SMEs in German-speaking countries. As a business development partner, we foster the long-term growth of our portfolio companies with capital and expertise. 

The funds advised by EMERAM invest in the consumer, technology/software and service sectors. Their total volume currently stands at EUR 650 million. In general, the funds acquire a significant stake in the company and give the respective management team an opportunity to invest, too.

Curriculum Vitae

Johannes Blencke

Investment Manager

Prior to joining EMERAM, Johannes gained extensive experience in management consulting at the Boston Consulting Group. During his time as a management consultant, he worked primarily for private equity firms and their portfolio companies. He focused on commercial due diligences, commercial excellence programs and sustainability strategies, mostly related to consumer- and industrial goods.

Johannes holds an MBA from INSEAD in cooperation with Wharton, as well as a Master in Management from the CEMS Alliance, which he obtained at the Rotterdam School of Management and the University of Sydney.

Johannes Blencke