About Us

EMERAM Capital Partners is a leading equity investment company for SMEs in German-speaking countries. As a business development partner, we foster the long-term growth of our portfolio companies with capital and expertise.

The funds advised by EMERAM invest in the consumer, technology/software and service sectors. Their total volume currently stands at EUR 400 million. In general, the funds acquire a significant stake in the company and give the respective management team an opportunity to invest, too.

Facts and figures

  • 20+ employees at EMERAM
  • 100+ years of private equity experience
  • 3 sectors
  • 27 acquisitions

Our strategy

Business Development Partner

We have built up and developed EMERAM Capital Partners as an independent SME. Our relationship with our portfolio companies is based on partnership on equal terms. We regard ourselves as a growth partner for companies and business owners. On their journey to new stages of development, we support our portfolio companies and their management with capital and expertise. We call this business development partnership.

We help our portfolio companies to constantly take their opportunities and achieve further organic and inorganic growth. That is why we are particularly focused on strengthening our equity investments through follow-on acquisitions. As a result, they expand their range of services or tap into new markets and target groups.

In our capacity as a business development partner, we act as an outsourced department. Consequently, the portfolio companies of the funds that we advise receive our extensive support and guidance in their day-to-day business. Our services are focused on six areas of expertise: strategic and organisational development, CFO office, digitalisation, HR and sustainability (ESG). As a result, our portfolio companies benefit from our expertise and experience, which are typically provided by the Business Development Department at large companies.

Our mission statement


Our working culture is defined by team spirit and mutual trust. We actively encourage shared development and targeted nurturing of the growth of each individual. Responsibility, working in line with measurable goals, learning from mistakes, and mutual support across all seniority levels are key elements of our team culture. Extensive use of digital aids helps us to work together more effectively.


As a business development partner, we aim to take on a leading role in our market segment and have a lasting impact on our sector: we are strongly committed to digitalisation, enhanced professionalism and innovation. That is why we focus on fields and sectors in which our bundled expertise is especially beneficial to our portfolio companies. Our aim is to accompany SMEs to the next phase of development.


As a company, we are aware of our responsibility to society. This particularly applies to the ever-growing group of pensioners: through their pension plans (in the form of pension funds or life insurance), they are part of our biggest investor group, and financial stability is their top priority. Consequently, sustainable management (ESG), alongside long-term targets and partnerships, is an integral part of our strategy. As a business development partner, we foster enterprise and entrepreneurial spirit, which are in our DNA.



Launched in 2013

EMERAM Private Equity Fund I has a volume of EUR 400 million. EUR 50 million of this stems from a successful capital increase in 2019, after the fund was originally launched in 2013 with capital of EUR 350 million.

At present, the funds that we advise hold eight equity investments. We have made numerous follow-on acquisitions for the portfolio companies. The investors are mainly pension funds, life insurance firms and family offices. EMERAM's partners are also among them.



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